Starting 2019, BC Hockey adopted ePACT Network as their standard for all players, replacing paper forms that manage critical data (e.g. contact details, health/medical issues, consents, waivers) for the season.

Moving this process online gives Safety/Risk Managers and Coaches access to complete, legible and accurate player data for use in a crisis, like an injury, illness, or evacuation. It also better protects your data, as ePACT adheres to all government legislation for data privacy and security.

As a family user you own and control your account and the data contained within it, and can make changes anytime, ensuring information is always up-to-date. Any organization you connect with - like your hockey association - will instantly receive a notification when you add a new medication, change your cell phone, or upload a Doctor's Clearance. 

However, if you do not wish to use the ePACT system, you can continue to use paper forms to submit the critical emergency/health details needed for all players participating in BC Hockey programs. Simply click the below button to submit your details, and access and download a copy of the PDF Hockey Player Emergency Form. Hand-write your details onto this form, and present it to your Team Coach/Manager. 

I Want To Continue Using Paper Forms

Note: In the event of a crisis, your team may choose to send emergency email messages through ePACT so you are alerted to potential issues impacting players.