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In these uncertain times, ePACT is your health and safety network. We’re here to help you collect, manage and access the information you need, to keep you members and staff safe.

Visit our COVID-19 Resource Centre online to access downloadable materials, read our Tips and Best Practices and so much more!

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Tips & Best Practices

Best Practices and other materials to help you support your organization.


Downloadable Resources

Downloadable resources for your facilities including posters and possible questions to add to ePACT.


Online (2)

Online Resources

List of online resources from reputable resources that you'll find useful. 

Webinars & Videos

Watch ePACT webinars and other useful videos.




Recreation Facilities Re-opening Survey 2020

We conducted an anonymous survey of our recreation programs from May 13 -June 3rd 2020, to learn what Parks and Recreation and other non-profit organizations (like YMCAs offering recreation programs) were doing. Find out what they said!

ePACT's Brand Champions

We want to hear from you! Join our Brand Champion Program and make sure your feedback is heard. Oh, and there's a bunch of other fun stuff too!




"Our job at ePACT is to make sure we stay connected in moments like this. We feel privileged to ensure you can continue counting on us and remain committed to keeping families, organizations, and communities connected to each other." Kirsten Koppang-Telford, CEO



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