Ad-Hoc Waivers

One- Time Waivers or Consents: 

Send waivers or consents mid-season without asking members to reconfirm. Send program specific waivers to ONLY those program participants. 




Ad-Hoc Waivers (1)

Offline Check In /Out:

Tell us about your experience with this beta feature so far. What worked, what didn't and what do you want to see next.




Ad-Hoc Waivers (2)

Enterprise Check In/ Out Research:

We're looking to make improvements to our Check in /Out works. We've started mapping this out- but would love to know if this would meet your needs!  This module would include check in on your dashboard instead of just the app and would include more flexibility with how people can check in. Interested in finding out more and giving us your opinion? Sign up below!