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There is so much information out there!

We've created an easy guide to access important online resources from reputable sources to assist you in reopening facilities, supporting members and staff and keeping everyone safe!


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Other Valuable resources about the pandemic.

Click on the links below to access valuable resources.

WHO- COVID-19 Pandemic Information

YMCA-US Press Release

John Hopkins- Covid-19 Basic Information

John Hopkins University has been tracking COVID-19 for months. Visit their site for up-to-date information.

Odyssey Medical- Canadian Pandemic Promise

ePACT's Medical Advisor, Dr.Lund, has produced a "Pandemic Promise" to help organizations institute honest self-reporting.

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ePACT also has some valuable resources for you!

Click on the links below to access valuable resources.

BLOG: ePACT- How We Can Help

ePACT is stepping up their game! Here's how we're helping.

BLOG: ePACT- Your Organization & Covid-19

Read our recent blog on COVID-19.

SURVEY: ReOpening Recreation Facilities 2020 (COMING SOON!)

ePACT conducted an Industry survey. Click above to get the results. 

Brand Champion: Tell Us What You Need!

Join ePACT's Brand Champion program and make sure you have your input on how we improve the product in light of the current situation.


ePACT ran COVID-19 webinars this spring.If you missed it, you can watch it below:



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