Eliminate the paper. Embrace the peace of mind.

Replace illegible, incomplete, and impractical medical forms with ePACT's easy one-and-done process.

ePACT's cloud-based system works alongside Daxko to help YMCAs, like the Metropolitan Denver YMCA, replace the paper medical forms, waivers, and consents used to collect critical health and emergency contact information from the families they serve. 

Learn how ePACT and Daxko work together to help your YMCA:

  • organizations-all-devicesQuickly access records in an emergency, using the ePACT mobile app - even without web or cellular service!
  • Track which forms have been completed, and remind those who have not submitted their record with one click.
  • Send email and text messages to members and their emergency contacts for unexpected situations, schedule changes, or urgent updates.
  • Streamline processes and reduce administrative time managing paper medical and emergency forms and waivers for every program a member attends.
  • Meet legislative requirements and ensure compliance with federal privacy laws, like HIPAA (United States) and FOIPPA (Canada).
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copy-document Data Collection & Management 
Collect medical and emergency information from families, and easily manage additional information like immunization records, medication authorization forms, and more.

text-file Waivers & Consents
Add required waivers and consents to member records for families to review and accept with a single click, before sharing with your YMCA.

font-selection-editor Electronic Signature
Families accept waivers with a date-stamped electronic signature and IP address, ensuring your YMCA meets its licensing, legal, and insurance requirements.

comments Communication Tools
Communicate with members and their emergency contacts via email, voice, and text messaging to share important information like emergency alerts or general updates.

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What our customers say... 

"ePACT has helped the YMCA of Metropolitan Denver easily collect critical member information for our Afterschool and Day Camp programs through a secure, online process, while allowing us to archive our records electronically to meet licensing requirements."

Kelly McMeeking, Senior Program Director
YMCA of Metropolitan Denver, CO

"We couldn’t believe the time savings we experienced. ePACT saved us 20 hours of administrative time every week at each of our eight branches! The ability to easily track submissions and send reminders throughout our busy camp season was invaluable..."

Jennifer Lentz, Business Manager
YMCA of Greater Brandywine, PA